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Philosophic answers to this life and the next

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7/24/2014 2:48:51 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
*most of this info is taken from near death experiences of people claiming to have died and gone to heaven*

The purpose of life is to share the love of God. God's love is love that is unconditional and with pure virtues.

Our individual minds are connected to the source of all consciousness - the mind of God.

Our moral compass derives from our purpose and connection with God's mind.

Our minds enter the prime reality once we die. It's a place where aspects of consciousness become more real than this reality.

Intellectually inferior, ugly, and other worldly disadvantaged human beings have been blessed.

God hasn't explicitly revealed himself to us so we could be tested to choose to share virtuous and unconditional love by our own free will.

We will communicate telepathically in the next life.

Everything that exists was created as an expression of God's love.

Time won't exist in the next life.

Our mind will be recognizable by people we know in Heaven without any physical resemblance. We'll be beings of light and clothed in light.

We will speak a different language in the next life.

Knowledge will emanate from God's light causing instant revelations anytime we have a question or seek to know the truth about something.

no pain, suffering, or anything else of that nature will be in the next life.

Hell is where your mind ceases to exist after being devoured in flame - eternal separation from God.