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The Outside In

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7/30/2014 3:22:59 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
It seems as though there are two worlds, the physical world and the world of imagination. However, it seems, as though, one doesn't exist, without the other; for, without the physical brain or physical shapes and colors, the imagination would not exist; and, without the imagination, reflection would be impossible.

Yet, if both worlds are real and both worlds do indeed exist, how can we separate one from the other? Of course, someone may say one is perceived, as the other is conceived, or one has its origin outside the individual's consciousness, as the other has its origin on the inside. Is this entirely true? If one's imagination is comprised of the memory of physical sensations, in other words, psychic content not physically present, how can that which is physical on the inside of consciousness be any different than that which is physical on the outside.

Even though all perception, whether we view it as perception or conception, is created by the same mechanism, neurological stimulation, we have a sense of things' existing inside and outside our minds. If we quiet our senses, to the outside world, we are better able to experience our imaginations. Yet, the same capacity, for imagination, that allows us to dream and contemplate also allows us to experience the world around us. In other words, the only reason we don't see the images of the things around us, inside our heads, is because our eyes are open. It is not, as though, we are empty receptacles and sensations fill us like water, but that which we see is on the inside of us; it is neural responses, to stimuli, that give us ideation and sensation.

Could it be, the only difference between actively experiencing our surroundings and experiencing them by faculty of the imagination is memory? However, active experience is also dependent on memory.

I've noticed one thing, though: the more I shut out the outside world, my sense of imagination increases; and, the more I focus on the world around me, my sense of imagination diminishes. Yet, in one instance, I am reflecting on the world around me; and, in the other, I am projecting myself onto the outside world.