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The Atheist Delusion/2 Rights Vs Gifts

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10/3/2014 11:09:52 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Part One of the Atheist Delusions central point was this: Your life agaisnt God can only be justified by existence in Hell. Except for Hell, God would have to give you your desire of negating Him by negating, recusing Himself from being Judge over you. By recusing Himself, God would give rule of His Creation over to creatures like you who refuse to acknowledge any rule higher than themselves. That is the atheist delusion, believing that denying God negates His right to justify by Hell their existence against Him.

God is the righteous Judge over all creatures. Because His desires for them are purely good, He cannot recuse Himself and give atheists the right to live in His creation while they are attempting to banish God. God's interest in restoring order in Creation by punishing those of His Creatures who defy Him is pure, for the good of all He Created who were designed to know and display His love. Because the atheistic delusion denies that God is good, God has no choice but to give them the death they deserve if they will not submit to Him.

This is the Atheist Delusion Part Two: in his delusion, the atheist believes he has the right to live. The atheist is dying and in danger of permanent death in Hell while he deludes himself into thinking he is living and life is temporary and death is not permanent but is a doorway into another dimension of living (the root of Hinduism which is an atheistic relgion, closely akin to "The Great Spirit" beliefs of the American Indians and many other religious beliefs) or is a door that closes on the atheist's existence when his death is finalized.

Both part one and part two prove only one thing for the atheist which they cannot deny (except by becoming Hinduistic and adopting a religious existential system of belief in which they assign to themselves the right to live eternally due to the fact that they exist)...........................................In reality, the only thing being negated in the atheist delusion is his own life, and all the atheist really has is dying.