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Thought Experiment, Making of Reality..Truth?

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1/27/2015 1:58:31 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
*Warning Mind F*ck incoming*
Ill Mind" Thought Experiment, making of reality
Blank space
Flower of live made in a 3 dimensional, spheres that slightly over lap each other, space expanding for infinity in a horizontal plain
Expand this by vertically stacking the a copy of the same flower of life on top of the other, slightly over lapping, for infinity
Connecting points, overlap areas, are black holes
Vertical flowers of life are parallel universes
Horizontal is the multiverse on the same plain
Requirement(s) for this?
Not unlimited power, the power concept does not exist it seems.
Not ultimate knowledge, the structure isn"t really complex it"s just a repetitive pattern.
The design is only a concept from nothing which cannot be explained with our type of logic
A logic beyond our logic, could be considered illogical
Which could be explained by/as god
But the concept of god we understand is not the same to make the structure
Therefore this god is not our god or a god we logically accept
Then who"s god is it?
It may not be even considered a god"
This structure could be made inside the mind, could it be we"re god?
Again the defined god were our familiar with is not the same to this god, for now refer to it as Origin
Origin is an imaginary concept it has no thoughts of its own yet is able to generate a seemingly vast space of existence.
Yet the existence doesn"t occupy everything
So could origin be actually Nothing?
Then nothing has to be something
Are term of nothing can"t comply to this
New term of nothing would need to be generated, but due to being beyond our understanding and logic this may never happen
We can assume Nothing as origin for now, exactly how that happened is too far from our limitations in reality logic
Imaginary logic can help with the term definition issue reestablishing new definitions for these terms
We can assume Nothing and existence as we understand both exist, as far as what exist means defined by our limited knowledge
We can also assume this existence may return to the origin also known as nothing, for nothing created existence, we should call this death
So the space/time/matter between Existence and the return to nothing also known as death could be refer to as life in the limited way we define it as such
Nothing, a space of origin
Existence, keeps same defined definition, simply a space that is occupied
Death, the end of existence to return to nothing
Life, the period from existence to death
We must live in the period known as life in this imaginary experiment therefor we could conclude we exist/ our reality exists inside life in-between existence and death.
Final conclusion, looking for origin is out of reach using our logic, trying to define it as god does not truly comply for our defined version of god dictates origin is intelligent. Looking for purpose also does not bring any new answers or could even be found using our logic. Our reality in the best sense is imaginary the final state is nothing, which using primitive logic could be considered origin. I could conclude that the likely hood of something "beyond" death as we define it, not the way we define it in this experiment, may exist in fact our individual existence may be simultaneously existing in all muliverses and parallels so death may not even apply. But it could also be true we are not individual and we"re the origin of it all, we our all the same existence who lives in a delusional state of being individuals. So we could apply that there is a god in a sense but not a god currently defined and has more authority over you for the self can be god. So are we the god of our own reality? Is it all a delusion created by ourselves to fool us into thinking we our individuals? Or even to avoid the soul fact we"re are alone? We as a collective single being looking for a way to not be alone in the vast space of nothingness, so we created existence to fool us into believing we are not alone?