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Is left in our perception right in reality?

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5/5/2015 1:34:36 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is a purely theoretical debate as the answer can never be proven conclusively. Due to the way the eye works light is imprinted inverted on our iris. Left is in fact right and up is down. There is no mechanical system to fix this imbalance and the brain adapts our perception of up and down to make what we see more believable. For the first few weeks of their life babies view reality upside down. In a recent scientific experiment people were made to wear glasses which altered their perception of up and down. Within a week their perception had altered and they viewed the world as normal. After removing the glasses they again viewed the world upside down for about a week. I contend that the brain has no reason to alter our lateral perception as it has no grasp of left or right. A danger approaches from one side so we run the other way. Or a apple tree is that way so we go that way. muscle control is learnt so when we want to raise our left hand the brain sends electrical impulses to our right hand and it goes up. in our perception our right hand goes up.

nb people who don't grasp the concept please abstain from voting. Those who do please give reasons for your answer.

thank you