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Explained? (Philosophical self-theory)

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5/23/2015 7:31:58 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
The day you opened your eyes for the first time unconsciously you gave hope, isn't that already an explanation that we cause pain or spread joy all the time unconsciously? Consciousness is there to remind you that you should use your unconsciousness and reason it with your consciousness!
In between what happens is you lose the power of purity which once again unconsciously spreads a negative energy, which can be the downfall of your ambitions and goals. If you can hold in the purity then for sure there will be hope on your ambitions and work over your goals, but even purity could cause disappointment. Not everyone can reach his goals with purity but unconsciously you would link an energy of fear to the cheater.
As it starts to get harder you realize that life has begin and time already flew, now you will be trying to catch up with time and fight to survive.
Why would I compete to time? If consciousness beliefs you should compete with time then you don't. Why would I let time to lead my life when I can control my life by not rushing my time, there will be plenty of time when I don't need and less of it when I will be mostly in need of it.
Instead, I start searching for my self, as circumstances make it impossible to reach my goals I have to prove circumstances wrong, I never dreamed of my goals. Why would I dream of something that in the up-coming future will be reality, I would only dream of what I knew I never had time to put in for it, and I would choose my dreams carefully even just a casual one.
Sometimes you want to know more than you should by questioning what is behind the death. For what death will bring we are already unconsciously prepared for it otherwise we would not die, it is the same as we never knew what was waiting out there for us when we came in the world but unconsciously we knew that we are and always will be ready for what is coming.
Unconsciously we already lived at least once but our consciousness prevents us to remember it. Did I mention that unconsciousness is actually subconsciousness and the only barrier between our real potential is our consciousness, why would I stop where everything begins?