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Are our young people becoming Androids?

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6/3/2015 12:37:32 PM
Posted: 2 years ago co-worker's wife is the nurse at a local high school. She told him that she is seeing h.s. girls having full-blown panic attacks sometimes when the get to school and realizze they forgot their cell phones.

That's right people, full-blown. Not just, "Oh damn..I forgot my cell!" But actual legitimate medical conditions where first-aid is required, as in restricted exhalation capture (breathing into a bag so as to prevent hyperventilation) and sometimes even a medication to slow their rapid heartrate, or tachycardia.

Doubt it? Ask any school nurse you might know. You'll see.

I have known for along time that social media and especially cell phones are ergregiously eroding the social skills of the young. Some of them actually have difficulty forming full sentences with strangers, or in interviews.

I was on my motorcycle at a stoplight the other day. I saw to college-age girls wlaking toward eachother on the sidewalk. As they closed to within about 50 meters of each other they both, simulatneously, reached intto their pockets to grab their pretend cell phone calls. I have witnessed this "fake talking" myself many times.

I struck-up a convo in the grocery checkout line with a young wman in front of me a couple weeks ago. She immediately reached into her pocket for her cell--as if it were a lifeline. Let me say that I do not come across as some weirdo dude. I am clean-cut and well-kempt and was dressed in business casual attire. It was in a well-lit and upscale store in a nice part of town.

Soe of you will say I am being too harsh on kids and their cells, and coming across like an old-fogie. (I am barely 40.) But I stand by my opinion--and that of many other mental health professionals--and say that cells are having a very negative affect on their addicted users. Kids are turning into a nation of Cell Zombies. Androids.

My friend is a manager at a retail store where kids like to work and he says their interview skills are atrocious. On par with how a retarded kid wold act, say, 30 years ago.

What say you? I believe the worst offenders of this addiction are girls/women, from ages of about 14-mid 20s.

Thanks for your well-thought responses.
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