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How valuable is nuance to a person's life?

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6/5/2015 5:12:18 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I believe nuance is one of the most valuable aspects of a person's development, ranking higher than both book and street smarts. Valuing nuance and different perspectives allows a person to consider all available options, opinions, and ideals, and construct, reform, or otherwise modify their own. It is with nuance that I personally have changed so much--from Christian to atheist, from slightly-right leaning to socialist, from Social Justice Warrior to slightly neutral and conservative, it has led to my ideals growing and adapting to what I determine to be best. I've completely changed my mind on some subjects, while on others my opinions were re-affirmed. Most of the time, I remain as neutral as possible to appreciate the different views people have to offer, even if I may slightly disagree with them in the beginning.

My advice is to subscribe to those you may disagree with--even as an SJW or staunch advocate of Anita Sarkeesian-esque beliefs, subscribe to Sargon of Akkad or TL;DR. Even if you're a strong communist or socialist, look for the arguments and reflect on what the opposition says. If you're a Christian, go to some of The Amazing Atheist's older videos, or watch the Atheist Experience regularly. See if your views still hold up afterward. If they don't, or if you feel like you must stop listening or reading because it offends you, perhaps your ideals aren't actually correct? If they were, what have you to fear?