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Philosophical Journal: A Call for Papers

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7/28/2015 3:51:20 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Hello all,

Pathways, an online philosophical journal established by Dr. Geoffrey Klempner in 2001, is looking for submissions for the upcoming September issue. This particular issue will focus on the topic of consciousness. The breadth of this philosophical subject leaves much open as to what one can write about. While of course this can be a hindrance for some, if looked at in another way, it is an opportunity to research and explore one of the many issues in the philosophy of mind that piques your interest.

If you feel that you can craft a strong argument pertaining to this philosophical area, clearly presenting, defending or illustrating that a particular position or theory is unconvincing, please free to contact me. The length the paper can be anywhere from 800 to 4000 words. No essay beyond the maximum limit will be accepted. All first drafts should be submitted to me by August 20th. The issue's tentative release date is September 25th.

As the editor of this issue, I am very much looking forward to working together with those of you who choose to contribute. In the case that you are interested, I would appreciate your letting me know as soon as possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at

All the best,

Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims