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The misunderstanding of devotees "

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8/1/2015 5:26:33 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

The human being always prays or worships God with a false idea that God will be pleased by his prayer or worship and will totally cancel the punishment of the sin. If such thing is done, the deity of justice is insulted by which the foundation of the divine administration is totally cracked. Moreover, such foolish act will not bring any transformation of the soul, resulting in permanent damage of the soul, which is not acceptable to the divine Father.

In certain special cases of deserving devotees, God may undergo the punishment for their sake. But, this again is a temporary solution only because the devotee again accumulates the sins and consequently the punishments. Now, the final question is: Is there no way to cancel all the punishments of sins forever in single stroke? The beautiful answer for this is: Yes. There is a divine way to cancel all the sins. In this divine way, you must realize the actual aim of the punishment for the sin.

The final aim of the punishment is not vengeance but the transformation of the soul. Unfortunately, the punishment cannot bring the complete transformation in the line of any sin, which means that the soul is transformed for sometime only. As soon as the soul returns from the hell and takes birth as the child on this earth, it behaves well in the childhood. You will be impressed to say that any child is God. But, you do not know that as the child grows more and more to become adult, the incomplete transformation ends and the original nature is again exhibited. The transformation must be complete and also must be total. Total transformation means to change yourself with respect to all types of sins. Complete transformation means the permanent transformation. The practical sign of this total and compete transformation is that you should not repeat any type of sin in your rest [of the] period of life. This can be achieved only by the divine knowledge.

The source of practical sin is wrong knowledge (wrong thoughts). If the source is smashed, the practical sin will not appear again. Since the source is wrong knowledge (thoughts), it can be destroyed only by the right knowledge (thoughts). A diamond is cut by another diamond only. A thought is destroyed by another thought only. You cannot destroy the thought by a knife or fire. This is only the way to cancel all your pending punishments of sins (Jnanaagnih... Gita).

If the soul is totally and completely transformed by the right knowledge, there is no meaning to apply the punishment again since the final aim is already attained. Except this one way, there is no other way to escape the punishments of all sins. Therefore, people should understand this background of their prayer and worship. If you insist God to give total relief from all the punishments, it is given, but, you must know that you have to pay principle and interest in future. This is the reason why the scholars always pray God not to postpone their enjoyments of the fruits for the future.

posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)