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The Comt de St. Germain is Alive and Found

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9/2/2015 9:28:20 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
St. Germain was originally Gheorghe Rakoczy, who knew how to renew his youth, and therefore has been masquerading around since. Gheorghe Rakoczy, aka St. Germain, was also Francis Bacon, whose secret pen name was William Shakespear. People wonder what happened to St. Germain since World War I. I think Miguel Lahunken is Gheorghe Rakoczy, aka St. Germain. Google lahunken, or check out his Yahoo group EnergyandInformation. He has published the secret of youth renewal, youth renewal from accessing globally bent timespace where the body can become pliable enough to change into any animal form. Certainly, if one can shape shift like this, the body can snap back into its original healthy template curing disease, and even renewing youth. Immortality? Lahunken knows that total undifferentiation into nonexistence by the opposite polarities is possible, and that's what he wants for himself. Though he has never claimed to be Gheorghe Rakoczy, just his body switching, backward and forward in time for over 5000 years duration was enough for him to desire to become nonexistent. He asked and answered, "What did God take from us that he did not give us, that he owes us back? Nonexistence". After all the time Lahunken has existed he came to the conclusion that nonexistence is most desirable.