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It Is With the Heart Reason Is Increased

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10/5/2015 2:14:13 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
It is with the faculty of reason we define our personal beliefs. Set apart and altogether held within the confines of conviction do we anchor ourselves, weighted, only, by the fortitude of our faith. It is with trust in the power of our rational minds do we secure any degree of stability.

However, that in which we put our faith must be questioned. Disagreements and doubts are as common as the people that live all about us. Reason must encounter that which is absurd, and logic must be faced with nonsense if it is to remain reasonable, still. In other words, every thesis is the synthesis of a former thesis and its antithesis.

How can a thesis be made one with its antithesis? How can that which is born out of reason become one with that which is born out of absurdity?

The faculty of reason must give way to the heart. In other words, by loving those who are in opposition to us, with a knowledge of their orientation in space, we can better understand their position. It is our interest in others that allows us to better understand their perspective.

The head separates and divides; it is the seat of judgement. The heart brings people together, people who are different and distinct. With the faculty of reason, meaning is secured; with the strength of one's heart value is increased.