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The Head and Heart Create Meaning

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10/7/2015 1:49:32 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
With the mind, or the faculty of reason, meaning is constructed.

With the heart, or the seat of emotion, meaning is attained.

Like a man wishing to build a house, he starts out with very few provisions. The few provisions he does have, he neatly arranges them in order; everything has its purpose and plan.

However, he desires more. So, with a heart for building the house, he goes out and purchases new material. With each swing of the hammer or sway of the saw, the house becomes more of a reality and therefore more desirable.

It was his rational mind that put the house together, each piece in its place. The rational mind makes sense out of chaos. It creates order from that which is strewn about.

The heart, or the seat of passion and desire, pays the price; it motivates and moves the builder to completion.

With the head, our world is envisioned; with the heart, our world is built.