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A market for values and metavalues

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11/7/2015 1:28:28 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I would like to discuss a particular proposal and any opinion and suggestion would be highly welcome. This is about the possibility to create a market for inner motivations (values and metavalues), aimed at allowing individuals to exchange documents testifying the practical utility of these motivations in personal and professional terms. Indeed, I feel that exchanging only "actions" (expressed by good and services) constraints greatly the ability for individuals to publicly express themselves, in a condition that Marx defined alienation.
By values I mean criteria for judging reality, which might be moral (such as solidarity and honesty), organizational (such as propensity to innovate and availability of leisure) and cultural (such as liberalism and collectivism).
By metavalues I mean rules and principles used to choose one's values, aimed at satisfying some fundamental human needs. Such metavalues might include quality of one's relations (motivating for instance the choice of professionalism and honesty).
For instance, if a subject A felt he lacks the kind of resources needed to deal with his customers, he might receive from a subject B a document describing the importance of a value such as honesty, and he might transfer to B a document testifying the practical utility of another value (for instance, economic wellbeing). Such kind of documents might be transferred also in exchange for good and services, and, therefore, values would become a means of exchange like money. Every metavalue, on the other hand, might be exchanged with other metavalues or values.
This would provide an economic incentive to live personally experiences connected with some values and metavalues. Moreover, these exchanges could provide great benefit with regards to issues such as pollution, financialization of the economy and the excessive influence of lobbies.
Such transactions represent one of the proposals that I outlined, with greater detail, in my book "Exchanging Autonomy. Inner motivations as resources for tackling the crises of our times", with a view to promoting individual autonomy in our societies. Indeed, by functional autonomy I mean the condition whereby one's values are the cause and not the consequence of one's social role, and by existential autonomy I mean the condition whereby the perception of one's dignity is allowed by metavalues and not merely by values. Thank you for reading this.