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Some comforting apologetics

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11/8/2015 3:02:40 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I was watching some Living Waters the other day just to pass some time when I thought of something that actually made my mind tick. Now what comes next is a theory/question that I have when it comes to answering a common question in apologetics and any input would be greatly appreciated (From believer and non alike.) In the first few seconds of this video I saw Ray standing with a microphone asking people weather they believed in good/evil or not. Just about everyone answered yes and Ray went about his normal routine. A shock like the feeling we get when someone finds a lost object flew through me. I figured this was from the fact that immediately in the video and these conversations were hit with perhaps the most important and complex question of meta ethics. When it comes to deciding exactly what good and evil is concerning ethics and how one ought to act. Is it not the question of what gives Normative ethical theories their authority to give guidance of how we ought to act and criticize action that doesn't necessarily align with said theory that is most important of answering first? I understand the divide between the humanistic worldview and that of the theist. The humanist believes that this authority is grounded somewhere in the nature of human beings. To the theist it is a being who holds the ultimate authority and author of all things from which the law comes from. Failure to answer this first would only play into the apologist hands as you have admitted that it exists but to clarify the humanist position later in the debate only leads to "I thought you said it exists" or something of similar nature. Now finally to my question (I tried to make it as brief as I could) is it not the right response for the humanist to answer with "What do you mean to exist?" As the theist would have to explain the divine command theory and from there the suppose to be offensive theist is put on the defensive as the proper way and most strategic for the humanist at this point is to question that fundamental idea of divine command.
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