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Spiritual Knowledge & Spiritual Efforts Waste

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11/27/2015 2:13:02 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Spiritual Knowledge & Spiritual Efforts Waste If Devotee Is Corrupt ... (Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

The discipline to be attained by following the rules is very important in the spiritual path. The external body and the food habits should be disciplined by certain hard rules. The health of the body affects the nature of mind. The internal mind is the most important instrument to please God. The external bath of the body by cold water in the morning gives resistance to cold resulting in perfect immunity of the body. The freshness obtained after both is charged on the mind also to some extent. However, the rules followed by you should affect your behaviour in the worldly life (Pravrutti).

If your worldly behaviour towards your co-human beings is perfect, God is extremely pleased and may Himself offer you a position in His inner circle. This means that Nivrutti is coming to your doors, if you are perfect in Pravrutti. The owner of the industry impressed by an employed girl, who is very perfect in her job, may himself offer the proposal of marriage due to the excellent impression created by her in relishing her duties in the office without any trace of corruption. Another employed girl, who is not so perfect in her conduct in relinquishing her duties, may try to win the heart of the owner may fail in her effort to marry him since the owner is not impressed by her defective performance in her service. Therefore, if one fails in Pravrutti due to corruption, I assuredly tell all of you that such a person will never succeed in Nivrutti. The reason is that the basic impression on the individual is polluted in the mind of God. Any serious effort of such a person will not succeed since such defective behaviour will reflect later on in the Nivrutti also.

The employed girl, having extreme love on owner, steals the money from the office by submitting false bills. Even though, the owner is impressed by her love, he will fear to marry her since she may steal his money also later on and slowly a day may come when the owner will be thrown out of the house to become a street beggar. The love of such a girl is not real and all her love is based on the wealth of the owner only. A sincere girl-employee may not externally love the owner, but, loves the owner sincerely in her heart since she does not steal the money of the owner channelled to the different programmes of the industry. She is the real lover of the owner and not the second girl-employee, who expresses her love by words and facial expressions only.

Similarly, a person may not be devoted to God, but, perfect in Pravrutti having no spot of corruption will be requested by God to enter His personal circle. Today, most of the people are exceptional devotees to God, but, fail in Pravrutti due to immense corruption. They never succeed in Nivrutti because God has no confidence on them. Such devotees are not really devoted to God, but their devotion is selfish only aspiring some fruits from God either in this world or in the upper world or in both.

Posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)