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Corruption Entered Spiritual Field Also

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12/6/2015 3:29:56 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
What is the way out to resist this corruption for money, which is spread almost every area of this world?

Shri Swami replied:

The reason for the disease must be known so that the treatment is at the level of the reason but not at the level of the effect. The present doctors treat the disease based on the symptoms and therefore, such treatment is only temporary. In Ayurveda, the treatment is at the level of the cause of the disease, which is called as "Nidaanam". The root cause of all these diseases is sub-divided into three categories: i) Cold nature (Shleshma) ii) Disorders of the lever (Pitta) and iii) Gas generated in the digestive system (Vaata). Such treatment may be slow but is a permanent treatment.

The first treatment is at the level of the construction of building, which is treating the symptoms for the immediate relief and the second treatment is at the level of foundation to avoid the attack of the disease once again. Therefore, the reason of the disease and the foundation of the treatment are very important to achieve permanent remedy for the problem.

The reason of the corruption for money is the blind love on self and on the limited selfish family members. There is limitation for thirst, hunger and even sexual desire. The thirst will be satisfied by a tumbler of water obtained from any river or well. The hunger can be satisfied by a limited plate of meals prepared from any type of food material like rice or wheat with any vegetable and pulses. The sexual desire can be also pacified by the single union with husband/wife. It is the climax of foolishness to think that specific food or specific water or specific male or female can only satisfy the thirst or hunger or sexual desire respectively. The distinction is made by the tongue in the case of thirst and hunger and by mind in the case of sexual desire. The sexual desire is created by God for the extension of humanity only to the future generations.

The thirst and hunger are created by God only to get some minimum energy essential for doing the activities in the life period. Shankara says that any person (male or female) is only a lump of flesh constructed in a specific form covered by the external skin (Naaristanabhara...). A little variation in the form and in the colour of the skin is immaterial in the process of pacification of sexual desire. Thus, control of sexual desire can be achieved easily by such knowledge, which is the measure of prevention of corruption in sex (Kama). But, this unlimited desire for earning the unlawful wealth, which is the real form of corruption (Artha) is tremendous in this world pervading all the areas like business, politics, officials performing their ordained duties, teachers, doctors, engineers etc.

God is astonished to see that this corruption entered even the spiritual field. This is the reason for the latest fear of God in selecting any soul for His spiritual work also! Here, the perfection in Pravrutti in the form of resistance of corruption is the foundation for Nivrutti.

Posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)