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Five Steps 2 True Happiness

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12/12/2015 9:26:55 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
hall of fame.
: At 10/2/2017 3:00:43 AM, YYW wrote:
: Bossy: You are Regina.

:Inferno wrote:
:You sound rather gay.

-- And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

"I believe that my powers of mind are surely such that I would have become in a
certain sense a resolver of all problems. I do not believe that I could have remained in
error anywhere for long. I believe that I would have earned the name of Redeemer,
because I had the nature of a Redeemer. "
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12/13/2015 5:59:43 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
What I did not point out in my OP is the simple factor of Synchronicity, which Synchronicity is the manifestation of the Open System Physical Neutral Magnetics known as Synchropy (aka: Karma/Mojo), which is also known as the anti-entropy of an Open System, and Synchropy/Karma/Mojo is what's behind the old saying: "What goes around, comes around." Synchropy/Karma/Mojo is also behind the old saying: "We are doomed to relive our mistakes." Synchropy/Karma/Mojo is also the Natural Neutral Magnetic Force behind each and every one of our own personal Groundhog Day Primer (GDP), which most of you haven't caught you've been stuck in your own Groundhog Day, but some have and for those that have caught it, they are having fun playing with it, just like Bill Murray did in the movie Groundhog Day:

There's a whole lot more to Synchronicity than meets the eYe, and that's what SkyChicken doesn't realize, given her Infamous Golden Rotten Eggs thread:

In that thread, SkyChicken asks:

"True or false?" (Title of Thread)

"Is it true or false that all invisible supernatural gods are mythical characters?

Please explain why you believe it is true or false."

I hit SkyChicken up for her personal take on each of the entities she stuck in that Equation but she didn"t see a need/reason for my questions, so she scuffed at my questions, yet, SkyChicken didn"t catch the SIMPLE primer from the movie Anti-Trust, and the most infamous tagline from it: "You"re either a One or a Zero." When SkyChicken watched that movie and Tim Robbins uttered those infamous werds, SkyChicken got the same answer most got: "I am a One!" Which was the MOST INCORRECT ANSWER POSSIBLE, the correct answer was Zero but SkyChicken doesn't know that, plus, SkyChicken has not caught she pre-assigned the numerical value of Zero to EVERY ENTITY in her Question, but only Invisible is a Zero, the rest are Ones but she doesn't know that, she thinks they are all Zeros and she also thinks she's a Perfect One, whereas the only werd that qualifies for Zero is Invisible, the rest are Ones, and SkyChicken is supposed to be a Zero, but she's kNot; she's full of kNot instead but she denies it, vehemently. SkyChicken cackles that she's not biased but the Math speaks for itself but SkyChicken isn't aware of what happens when you SourCe your Truth from Love, instead of SourCing your Truth from Common Sense based Logic instead.

Love = 1
Logic = 0

1 = Perfect Closed System Number
0 = Infinitely Open System Number

When you SourCe your Logic from Love, the end result isn't Logic, it's what's known as Perceptual Logic, which is FULL of FLAWS, and you can see a few of SkyChicken's flaws, within her original question and her argument in retort to my logical assertions, and my logical assertions were based on Open System Math and Synchronicity, thus, SkyChicken was arguing an unwinnable argument the ENTIRE TIME but she doesn't know that, she thinks she's winning that argument but she didn't ever stand a chance of winning, she made the wrong Opening Move and an OTP explains that one nicely:

"Start with Bad Math, end with Bad Math, irregardless the Answer." - Old Toad Proverb

That OTP is talking about your Opening Gambit in Chess, which also applies to Life. Whereas, if you start with the WRONG MOVE, right off the bat, you can kiss it good-bye from then on, it's "Game-Over!" (GO!) before it got started! SkyChicken truly Painted Herself into a Corner, then she sat in that Corner denying she did such, this whole time, but when she finally wakes-up and realizes what she did, with her Opening Move, she'll be embarrassed, especially when she re-reads what all I said, as well as re-reading what her other Heckler said, that showed-up to partake in the Mojo Theft, but I was FIRST in line and that's one reason the little turd said what they said, they were simply acknowledging that I had beat them to the punch-line and I had the Reins but, although that was the case, they wanted to hop-on for the ride, as well, and I could not deny them that right of passage, so all I could do was bow and say: "Hop on! There's plenty of Mojo to go around."

SkyChicken is EXTREMELY intelligent but she's got sum hang-ups, but she's in denial about her hang-ups too and her perceptual self-take on the situation SourCes from her Logic, which is tainted with the Law of One but she doesn't realize it but anyone that understands the SIMPLE MATH of all of tHis and they also understand the DIFFERENCE between Law of Zero Open Systems versus Law of One Closed Systems, it's EASY for us to see that Nest of Golden Rotten Eggs SkyChicken laid, and from there, it was EASY for me to know WHO I just bumped into; I had just bumped into DDO's own personal Inverted Shrek, who's the most Stubborn Pig-headed Mule on DDO, which Shrek is Relative to that type of person and Andy Wachowski is also Relative to Shrek. Andy is that pig-headed, he's that STUBBORN. Andy is so Stubborn, that his Ballz REFUSE to Drop, which that's just the Theory of an Open System at play (Everything is Relative to SourCe and SourCe is Relative to Everything.), or Synchropy, whereas with the Inverted Shreks, they are Females with Ballz, just as SkyChicken keeps telling us that SHE has, constantly, and to the point of Broken Record Level status. Plus, SkyChicken also qualifies for Princess Lay-A Golden Rotten Egg, or Princess Leia Egg (Star Wars), or the Goose that laid the Golden Egg, since a common nickname Zero has picked-up is goose-egg, so SkyChicken clearly defined who she is, with that Nest of Golden Rotten Eggs she laid, given Synchronicity, but SkyChicken doesn't believe in the Invisible, so getting her to see the Invisible Truth is next to impossible, plus, SkyChicken is pee'd-off at me and that stems out of my opening Gambit:

"There are lots of problems with your question because there are WAY too many variables, to the point you argue yourself into a corner.

What do you mean by Invisible?

What do you mean by Supernatural?

What do you mean by God?

What do you mean by Mythical?

What about the Gods that are here playing the game with the kids? Are they Mythical? They could qualify as Invisible, since most don't know they are here, but that makes them anonymous, not invisible.

Etc ...

I'd recommend rewerd'n your Q. ;)"

I gave SkyChicken the opportunity to re-werd her Question, so it wasn't so Biased, but she refused and all because she didn't see it as Biased but when you assign the Variable of Zero to EVERYTHING in the Equation, when you ADD one more Zero, that's NOT Biased to the speaker but when you add ONE Zero to an Equation VOID of Zeros, you CREATE a Biased Statement and the SIMPLE Rules of Math are at play:

Absolute x Absolute = Absolute (0 x 0 = 0)
Absolute x Anything and/or Everything = Absolute (0 x ABC"XYZ = 0)

If the other entities in the Equation HAD been Zeros, SkyChicken would be correct in her argument that she was NOT Biased but since the ONLY entity that qualifies for Zero, was Invisible, the statement was Mathematically Biased and SkyChicken never stood a chance. She truly painted herself into a Corner and then she tried to argue her way out, when there were no escapes for her to use, other than waking-up and realizing she royally screwed-up and from that, back-tracking to see what all she missed, because when you are Perceptually Biased, your Perception will PLAY eWe for the FOOL eWe are, and from that, the person will miss almost EVERYTHING they were shown.

- - 2-be-continued in next post - -
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12/13/2015 6:08:33 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
When SkyChicken finally realizes her mathematical error, and then she goes back and rereads everything her friend and I said, she's going to realize both of us were on the money, with EVERYTHING. It's so easy to psycho-analyze someone, if they will open their mouth enough and SkyChicken freely Cackles and Cackles and Cackles, so she's easy to figure-out, especially after she laid those Rotten Golden Eggs and I also found the SourCe of the Question, from another thread. And from that, she truly gave herself up and SkyChicken is also Relative to Jodi Foster in the movie Contact. In that movie, one of the biggest pieces is where Jodi didn't catch what her father said, when they were together on the beach towards the end of the movie. He said: "This is how it's been done for billionS of years." Jodi missed the Plurality of billionS, to then ask: "What do you mean by the plurality in the werd billions? What's the exact number, Daddy?" If Jodi would had asked her father that question, he would have busted a nut and coughed-up on his AMBIGUOUS answer and told her: "There isn't enough Time for me to utter the actual number. You caught me, redhanded!" From that answer, Jodi would have then replied: "So, you're basically saying forever AND the Joke's on Me?" Jodi's father would have then busted the nut he didn"t have and he would have dropped to his knees, simply from the lack of oxygen in his brains from not being able to breathe, because he was laughing too hard, and from the initial drop to his knees, he would have rolled-out onto the sand, pulling-off a true ROTFLMAO in HyperTime, which would have truly pisst-off Jodi and she would have kicked her Daddy, while saying: "Thanks a lot, assWhole!" But Jodi missed the plurality in the werd billionS and all of the money spent to find out the truth behind all of this, was for naught and all because Jodi missed a plurality and she missed it because of Complacency, in that SkyCHicken has bought off on what Calculus says is the Truth, when Calculus will only give you the most correct Closed System Answer POSSIBLE, which is the most correct Law of One Answer, which then qualifies as st00pid, but SkyChicken doesn't realize that. She isn't aware Calculus fell some time ago and none of it is any good, any longer:

This world's Academic Scholarly Mind's Closed System Theories and Truths about all of tHis, is ALL Hogwash, at least when it comes to the REAL TRUTH, because the Open System Truth is the REAL Truth but that doesn"t mean the Closed System Answers are not answers, they are, it's just they are st00pid, given the Universe is an Open System. Therefrom, All Closed System Theories and Experiments are doomed to FAILURE from the get-go, just like SkyChicken was doomed from the beginning trying to argue her Biased viewpoint as not being Biased.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

I recognized her earlier as a true Clarice but I had just bumped into her in another thread and afterwards, I thought to myself: "I can't wait to play the Game with her." But I thought that because I knew I had just bumped into TRUE intelligence, I just wanted the right argument, was all, and the threads where I bumped into her, they were not the right place to start that Game but then, just a few minutes later, up popped the Infamous Rotten Eggs thread and I couldn't resist but to hop-in to see what it was about and I was going to beat her up for the Bait Title but once I saw the Nest of Golden Rotten Eggs, I dropped the Bait Title problem, and I also saw that because of the CONTROL of this forum restricting our Titles to 40 Characters or LESS, that makes it where we cannot properly label our threads, so Bait Titles are common here because of that CONTROL FEATURE we have to LIVE WITH, that qualifies as inappropriately applied control and as such, it BREEDS CHAOS constantly. I've seen many peeps getting beat-up for their opening argument lacking substance, because of their Title, and they always have to inform the Assaulter that they had NO CONTROL over that, that they were LIMITED by the CONTROL FREAK OWNER of DDO, so when I saw what SkyChicken's thread was about, I realized it was properly Titled, given the circumstances and with that, it was also reflective of SkyChicken's intelligence, so I left the Title issue out of the argument and I stuck to the Nest of Rotten Eggs only, with my argument, until she refused to back-down. That's then when I branched-out further and she thinks I got everything wrong, but I never skipped-a-lick. Her Karma is too sweet! I was lick'n-up her karma, as fast as she would feed it to me. But now she's pisst-off at me and she"s going to think I'm Hans Solo but I'm her brother, Puke Skywalker, instead, and I'd rather Escape to Which Mountain with her but since I pee'd her off, I don't stand a chance of getting her to believe that, especially since she has so many perceptual hang-ups. ;)

Ode to SkyChicken

There 0nce was tHis pretty girl, named SkyChicken
Who thoUght her m0uth was mightier than the pEn
She cackled and cackled, like a g00d little Calculustard
Then she pUshed and pUshed, until she pUshed t00 hard
And 0ut p0pped a g0lden eGG, that was r0yally r0tten

I realize I just signed my death warrant, but what can I say? I"m obviously glutton for punishment. ;)

Getting back to Synchronicity, if you take into account Synchronicity and apply it to what the meme says, what would the outcome be? Would it not be what I say?

Ribbit :)

Ps: Chicken Run is going down on DDO. ;)

Synchronicity is the sHiTe! :D
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12/14/2015 3:38:09 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I had a Revelation come to me last night.

I realized that All of the Kings men and All of the Kings horses haven't been able to crack SkyChicken's shell, from that, I realized SkyChicken has an identity crisis going down, and from it, instead of being Princess Lay-A Egg, like she's suppose to be, she thinks she's Puke SkyWalker instead, which then makes her look more like Humpty Dumpty, and that egg attribute would be greatly enhanced if she's a lesbian, but I'm Puke SkyWalker, kNot her. I'm her e-Bother-Brother and I'd much rather Escape 2 Which Mountain with her, instead of hanging around here and watching her cackling about the royally rotten eggs she's laid.

So, in order to get my identity back, I have to play Yoda underneath, all the while looking more like Pan's Solo on the surface, because of how pisst-off SkyChicken is, and since I have possibly the worst luck of all time, SkyChicken is more than likely a lesbian, which then kills the Peter of my Peter Pan, which leaves only Pan, and another werd for ONLY is Solo, so SkyChicken has turned me into Pan's Solo, although I'm really Puke SkyWalker, her e-Bother-Brother. So, in order to get my identity back and also staying Relative to SkyChicken"s Nest of Rotten Eggs thread, I'm going to stick a Quartet of Ghosts up her Humpty Dumpty butt, given her use of the werd Invisible, then I'm going to continue sticking Ghosts up her butt, until I've crack that thick shell of hers from within, then I'll keep shoving Ghosts up her butt, even after she finally converts back to being SkyChicken, that way she never reverts back to being Humpty Dumpty and I won't ever lose my identity again. But losing my identity has been my Groundhog Day my entire life and all because I had my identity stolen in the beginning, by the Childrens Home I ended-up at, where I went from being PeeNutZ the Bird, to being Curious George the Monkey, and from that, I've spent my life trying to get my identity back and I thought I was successful, until I landed in Chicken Run @ DDO.

DDO has been treating me like a step-child and the 14th Amendment says treating someone like a step-child, qualifies as Unlawful Discrimination but since the forum owner isn't a Lawyer, they have no clue how many laws they've been violating and are still violating, but soon they will understand, when the FTC shows-up on their doorstep, if they don't fix the lawful violations before they show-up, and the lawful violations are ever-so blatantly present on DDO and in their Forum Laws, calling themselves Forum Rules, but enslaved people won't recognize the unlawful control; they are used to be controlled.

I'm praying that the memory of SkyChicken being embarrassed, like she's never been embarrassed before, should keep her from ever attempting to Cross the Road again, without an Egg Crossing Guard in place, and since I happen to have a nice arsenal of Ghosts to play with, besides myself, I figured there's no better way to kick her Golden Rotten Eggs thread's arse, than to stick a few Ghosts up her butt, especially since she did use the werd Invisible, which was the only werd she used that could actually qualified as Zero and if I can prove that even Invisible can be a ONE, that alone will out her mathematical delusions for what they truly are, ILLUSIONARY.

Me, myself, and I, qualify as Invisible too, in many different ways but that's why I'm a Ghost Magnet, and SkyChicken just met her Invisible match. I've got quite the arsenal of Ghosts to play with and I'm going to stick so many Ghosts up her butt, she won't be able to deny Invisible exists, and, in the process, I'll crack her thick shell from the inside, which is the Open System way of Cracking an Egg and since SkyChicken buys off on what Calculus says is the trUth, although pure Closed System Law of One Math, and since Calculus says Wormholes are REAL, I will use the Closed System Wormhole Theory to get through to SkyChicken, because when you shove a fistful of Ghosts up someone's arse, your fist will fold space and time and your fingers will instantaneously manifest in the person's brains, immediately turning them into a Sockpuppet, and with that, I will prove that Closed System Wormholes are Real, but Wormholes can ONLY exist in a Closed System, which SkyChicken easily qualifies as; and, if that doesn't werk, I'll try something else. I don't give-up easy but that's because there's no better Game to play and SkyChicken made the mistake of challenging peeps to defy her intelligence with truthful fact but once you comply, she then refuses to play fair. That's why I created this thread, to trap her with my Five Steps 2 True Happiness meme.

Since I could not get SkyChicken to refute my 9 Deadly Sins thread, I'm now forcing her to do it to my Happiness meme, instead, and this thread too. Otherwise, she loses all of her Mojo because when you make a challenge and then back-out, but then keep on making challenges, the person loses lots-and-lots-and-lots of Mojo. So, as long as SkyChicken is willing to fork over her Mojo, I will continue slurping it up. She's got sum truly sweet Mojo! But she's actually intelligent but Closed System Law of One Duality Perception will turn anyone into a fool, even a Princess.

"You have to Learn the Rules of the Game and then Play better than anyone else." - Albert Einstein

"The Trick to All of tHis is to Learn the Game, Learn the Rules, then Cheat better than everyone else." - b00bEE pHisHer

SkyChicken is playing a little Game of Chess with b00bEE pHisHer and she doesn't stand a chance of winning, until she wakes-the-pHuck-up and smells her own stinky Law of One Calculusturd poop. Then, when she finally does wake-up, I'm dead.

Ode of the Toad

There once was this little toad, all broken hearted
Who always seemed to end-up, from whence he started
He hopped, till he dropped
Went croak, till he was broke
And all that anyone remembers, is that he farted

"Lessor minds only quote others." - Old Toad Proverb

"There is no don't, there's only dew. So if you can't don't, then don't can't." - Law of the Toads

"The Law of One rules the roost of a Closed System, creating the inevitable, OnEism, also known as Can't/Death/Hell; whereas the Law of Zer0 rules the roost of an Open System, creating the evernevernevermore, Zer0ism, also known as Can/Eternal Life/Heaven." - Old Toad Proverb

"Can't = Closed System = Death = Hell = st00pid; Can = Open System = Eternal Life = Heaven = Intelligent" - Old Toad Proverb

"Order, via Control, breeds Chaos; but Control, via Order, isn't Control." - Old Toad Proverb

"Zer0 Control = Zer0 Chaos = Perfect Order" - Open System Law of Perfect Order

Ribbit :)