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If one is told the truth?

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12/19/2015 5:02:38 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Is there any excuse if one is told the truth? Seeing liars will say anything to give the illusion of justification to there choice to do otherwise.

To do business in the US of A, at times one must learn to sing the "battle hymn of the republic" and "dixie" with equal enthusiasm. But today"s culture is manipulated by this now international cooperate philosophy (which is the same as sing the "battle hymn of the republic" and "dixie" with equal enthusiasm) and young people believe this is the way to live as if it"s a moral or ethical stance. Which it isn"t because this stance is merely a spineless position of greed, or what"s good and profitable for profit, in the cooperate sense, and is wishy washy in the individual and general public sense, that ethically and morally take no stance, which isn"t ethical or moral.

No ethical or moral stance simply means the lack thereof, but if the general public believe that no ethical or moral stance, (like corporations do in service to profit) is ethical and moral, you can convince them to live with anything. Then the truth becomes irrelevant in their own judgement of what is good for themselves.