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Religious Conversion "

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2/11/2016 4:34:39 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

I am neither Hindu nor Christian. I belong to Universal Spirituality, which means that I am a true Hindu and therefore simultaneously a true Christian. I would like to question whether the conversion that is being done, is based on the conversion of religion or of spirituality. If it is a religious conversion, I am not interested in the topic. If it is a spiritual conversion, there is no need because all religions have the same spirituality. Religion is only an external dress and spirituality is the same person present in all the types of dress.

If the religious conversion is aimed at a political background by which a religion wants to increase its number of followers and thus wants to have a single kingdom of Christians or Hindus, there is no spirituality in it. When Jesus thought of spreading the kingdom of God, a revolutionary [rebel] thought that Jesus was aiming to remove the Roman government and establish a Jewish rule. Jesus refused to join hands with that revolutionary. If you are prosperous, the first people who are jealous are the people of your own religious community. If you try to convert the entire world in to one religion, the entire world will become jealous when you prosper. Is this the ultimate result you desire?

Only the minority indicates real spirituality to reach God as said by both Jesus and Krishna. Jesus said that the path leading towards Him is very narrow. Krishna told in the Gita that only one in millions can reach Him. Therefore, only the minority is supported by the Lord and not the majority. Quality lies only in the minority and not in the majority. Jesus said that wherever two or three people associate to praise the Lord, the Lord dwells there. This indicates a qualitative minority and not the ignorant majority. You say that Hindus are worried about the conversion of Hindus into Christians. But I find that at least a few Christians are also converted into Hindus. Perhaps, the Hindu is worried since both the rates of conversions are not equal. If your worry is based on this point, you are not against the concept of conversion. If you are against the concept of conversion, you should not have agreed to convert Christians into Hindus also.

I am completely against conversion from one religion to another religion because all religions have the same spirituality and the same God. The external dress of God and the language of the spirituality-syllabus differ from one religion to another. Therefore, there is no meaning in conversion. It is like two different classes of the same school in different languages. The two classes belong to the same standard and the same teacher goes and teaches the same syllabus to the two classes in their respective languages. Even if a person changes one class for another, the teacher and the syllabus remain the same. Whatever may be the religion, the devotee who converts, remains as a theist alone. If a theist becomes an atheist, then we shall have to worry about him. Thus by conversion no religion gains anything and no religion loses anything. After all, the person is in the same house of spirituality and he has changed from one room to the other. I don"t know why some people are anxious about conversion and some other people desire conversion. The person does not develop any better by conversion.

If a student changes one section for another, his standard does not increase. Only his language is changed; the syllabus remains the same. Thus by conversion, one has changed the culture and language only but not the actual substance called as spirituality. Change of culture is not spiritual progress. In every language all standards are present. He should try to go to the higher standard in his own language and that is called as academic progress. Similarly one should try to go to higher levels of spirituality in one"s own religion. One should go up vertically from the lower standard to the higher standard in one"s own religion to reach the goal quickly, but not go horizontally from one religion to the other religion. The former is called as progress and latter is a waste of energy and time.

posted by: surya (disciple of swamiji)