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If philosophers were Hearthstone cards

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2/19/2016 7:49:30 PM
Posted: 8 months ago
Ayn Rand:
(Wore a dollar sign pin wherever she went)

Bertrand Russell:
(Classy as fvck)

(Easily the gayest card in HS, and Spinoza was, well...)

Noam Chomsky:
(Gatekeeper of the American Left)

(Not the most optimistic man)

Karl Marx:

(Refuses to die)

Jacques Derrida:
(You never know what you'll get)

(Went after everything)
There are those who believe that irresponsible breeding practices, and the stupidity which fosters them, cannot be stemmed without damage to our freedom. But freedom, and much else as well, cannot tolerate the geometric prolificacy of stupidity.

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