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Contentment in Pravritti

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3/27/2016 7:28:27 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

I find several people who crave for money all the time irrespective of what they already have. They never attain satisfaction at any stage of the growth of their financial strength. God becomes displeased with such people and will not grant further wealth because the fellow will never get satisfaction. There is no use of granting any amount of wealth because the fellow is never satisfied. When satisfaction is absent, the person will not thank the Lord with a full heart. Even if he thanks, it is only for the future sanction. Therefore, if you really wish to have the grace of the Lord to remove your present financial crisis and poverty, the first step you have to take is to have satisfaction and complete contentment with whatever you already have.

Plan with the existing funds and adjust yourself accordingly. If you have the will to adjust, you can adjust to any quantity of wealth. When the adjustment is done, you will have full satisfaction. Then if you pray to the Lord, you will not ask for anything more because you are already satisfied. In that case your prayer is not for the fulfilment of any desire. Your prayer is for the Lord Himself and not for anything other than the Lord. Your prayer will be in His praise alone and not for any desire because you have full contentment already. Then the Lord gets real pleasure from you and will force His grace on you continuously. He will rain wealth on you forever.

The wealth will be multi-dimensional. Wealth does not simply mean cash. Wealth means health, good children, good appetite for food, good digestion, good sleep, perfect peace, success in every effort, continuous courage, knowledge and finally salvation. Goddess Lakshmi [Goddess of wealth] is in eight forms and only one form out of them cash (Dhana Lakshmi). Therefore, if you really wish to get rid of the eight forms of poverty from your life and if you really wish for the eight forms of wealth, the only qualification you have to attain is full contentment with whatever you have already. The Gita says the same (Nitya Triptah").

Shankara was in such a state. When He praised Goddess Lakshmi, she rained golden fruits. He did not take even one fruit from that heap. He desired for Goddess Lakshmi and for Her grace, but He never desired for the fruit of Her grace. He derived bliss from praying to Her and from Her constant grace. The gold rained by Her does not give bliss. It only gives tension and worry. It always creates dissatisfaction. It destroys contentment. If you have ten gold coins, you will aspire for one hundred. After getting a hundred you will aspire for a thousand. There is no end to this. You will never achieve contentment and you will be in a stream of dissatisfaction till your death. Therefore, if you touch the beginning of this chain, this infinite chain of wealth carries you away. If you do not touch it, you will always have contentment. Shankara said that the poor fellow is always fortunate (Koupinavantah Khalu Bhagyavantah). Shankara also said that money would only lead to the misery of dissatisfaction (Arthamanartham").

If Kaika [Kaikeyi] had remained satisfied with whatever position her son already had, she would have not lost her husband. Her son might have been happy in the palace. But by her greed, she became a widow and was scolded by all the public. Her son also left the palace and lived like a saint in a village. If Sita were satisfied with the ordinary deer present before her hut, she would have lived happily. Her desire for the golden deer brought all the troubles for her. If Ravana were satisfied with his beautiful wife Mandodari, he would have been happy. His attraction for Sita ruined the whole family and kingdom.

Dasharatha gave two boons to Kaika who was his youngest queen. He gave the two boons due to his over attraction for her. She was very young and therefore, did not have any maturity of mind. Therefore, it was the foolishness of Dasharatha to have given the two boons to the youngest queen Kaika. Those two boons finally took away his life. Rama wanted to fulfil the desire of Sita due to His attraction towards His wife. But Lakshmana advised Rama not to go after the golden deer, which was obviously a trick of the demons. Lakshmana had that wisdom of analysis because he left his wife and came to forest with full control of his mind and senses. Rama, due to the constant association with the beautiful Sita, was so much attracted to her that He could not deny her desire.

Therefore, association with people decides one"s whole fortune based on the nature of those people.

posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)
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