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Being a "free agent"

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3/28/2016 1:39:16 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
What if a person was so oriented that the loss of no material thing could cause him mental disorganization? This is a free agent
-- George Jackson, Soledad Brother

Free agent: One not tied to material possessions; nor can these materials sway the intended behavior of the individual

I've been intrigued by this quote since I found this excerpt in Huey Newton's Revolutionary Suicide. By these standards I think it becomes impossible to be a free agent. On some level the material world is going to continue pulling us with its rewards and enticing glamour. This become the reason why capitalism is so successful. Once we become exposed to the fun, removing it becomes a struggle. We become addicted to the material portion of life. This is a contradiction inherent in the capitalist system to the err of communists and socialists. The gradual evolution to collectivism and destruction of the bourgeoisie becomes stalled due to the will of the people being swayed by the luxuries of capitalism.

To me it appears someone can become a free agent, is by force. Being a prisoner. Having material goods forcibly removed. Bare and desolate in isolation, one only has their thoughts. If one can find solitude in such horrific conditions, perhaps they can achieve that free agent status. I believe at this point a revolutionary can be effective. At this point, being stripped of their material desires, forced to cope with the realities creates a mental fortitude that should be desired by any revolutionary. Nothing can be used to sway that individual. They become a free agent in the truest sense of the word.
Chris Lazare
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3/28/2016 6:18:24 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
I understand your point, but if one doesn"t value material things and values something not in the control of another, that the world can't deny. Then he may be free from the world but he isn"t free from what he values in place of what most would expect to have in this world. Hence there is a source of what is valued, no matter what is valued. Even in a prison where one only has one"s own company, you can be denied that as well. What is to be found is what lasts forever and surly that is what is most valuable, and no one can take it, and maybe one can"t even forfeit it by one"s own error.

But the bottom line is something must be valued, and one is obliged to the source of it, to have it, therefore not free. Free from one to serve the other, yes, but not free.