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4 power

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7/6/2016 8:54:56 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
There is no 1, only 4.

A sense of 4 is a sense of 1, and more. 4 is a more powerful number than 1.

We can understand 4 with a square.

The 4 corners show 4 * 1. Therefore we can extract 1 from 4, 4 times.

To extract 1 from 4, is equal to reduction of a square to 1 corner. To extract 1, 4 times, from 4, is an abstraction of 4; where the sum of corners, is a more significant 4, than the face product.

The face shows the above 1 concept of 4, it is not separate from the corners but it surpasses them individually. The face of a square is the result of 4 symmetrical corners.

Therefore 4 is deemed a 'power number'. It should be used instead of 1 in mathematics, and 1 shouldn't be used.

From multiple squares come cubes, and from cubes come an innumerable amount of dimensions.