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8/13/2016 6:24:02 PM
Posted: 1 year ago

Often me, myself, and I can't agree,
Over how divided we've become again!
Who is doing all of the arguing this time!
And who, exactly, is in charge around here!
Cast adrift upon more passionate seas of life!
Castaways on lost horizons bereft any anchor!
Waves, threatening to swamp small life rafts!
We all set aside our metaphysics and politics!
Where all can agree, upon knowing nothing;
Except all know, the others know nothing!
Ego, not really possessing self-awareness,
Whilst, suffering the slings and arrows,
Of outrageously episodic misfortunes!
Yet, amongst the noblest of all qualities!
Those even damned fools can understand!
Even those amongst us crapping their pants!
Even those, pretty clueless to what's going on;
Highly regarded by any in cartoon Wonderland!
Well regarded by all upon the stairway to heaven!
Which even the duller among us may comprehend!
Which the most thoroughly confused can yet grasp;
Heralded throughout the entire known multiverse!
The splendor and glory, abiding within humanity!
Plausibility yet only probable to a certain extent!
Who we become, is all a matter of perseverance!
Within the usual peanut gallery of caricatures,
Some of us, yet more triumphant than others!
Even, in the usual confusing pandemonium!
Of sulky profligates remaining anonymous!
Of clowns, with the lowest lowbrow tastes!
Of the current, peanut gallery's assembly;
Of the more unusual, motley characters!
Clarification a dispersing effervescent luminescence, in midair!
Accompanying entertaining laughter fading off into the distance.
Does anybody really know what time it is, does anybody really care?
Mama always said, she didn't raise no damned fools!
Tell others I worked hard, to become the idiot I am!
Watched clocks never boil, or some-such nonsense!
I never really could follow everything mama said!
Mama always having, a warped sense of humor!
She apologized, insisting styles are here to stay!
Whereas fashions like ignorance, come and go!
While nothing may beat becoming authentic!
No one can do better than to be themselves!
Reckoning whether outside or in all authenticity comes from someplace,
Reckoning, knowing without knowing all I really know is nothing;
Regardless of more extremely pressing immediate consternation!
Regardless of whether or not, aliens are invading our earth!
Regardless of whatever some damned fools might desire,
Regardless of what any other damned fool may say;
Regardless of any vocal protests which come up,
Any invasion conspiracy, not withstanding,
Most can yet agree upon, One Great Truth!
Silence is golden, if nobody actually listens!
Talking to ourselves, without even listening!
Merely confirms that nobody wants to listen!
Like a blinking light, showing our stereo is on!
When nobody, is really using the damned thing!
Just in the hope, it might make a real difference!
Just in the hope some might actually understand!
Rather than blinking like a deer in the headlights!
Hello, hello, hello, hello is there anybody in there?
Knowing, you are playing around with yourself!
Knowing its nothing more than masturbation;
Knowing there really is no point in talking,
When there really is just no one listening!
However many may be inside your head!
You are what you is, and that's all it tis;
Become what you desire to be perceived!
Become, what you might truly want to be!
Become someone you can enjoy meeting,
Always know thyself, and think for thyself!
Learn how to listen well, to your own heart!
Become content as who you want to become!
Become content that none may do you better!
Become content, just to become more yourself!
Become content bumbling a road less traveled!
Become content, simply to take your next step!
Always take care of one another and be happy!
Discover contentment, in each other's company!
Discover joy in sharing life's greatest adventure!
Keep communities small, with just a few people!
But, ensuring that all know how to read and write;
Practice the arts and celebrate any achievements!
Keep all weapons you may possess, always secure!
Know all your neighbors, yet, remain independent!
Be prepared, to deal with any unforeseen exigency!
Celebrate the ability, to appreciate any eccentricity!
Celebrate your ability, to always laugh at yourselves,
Celebrate humanity's enduring freedom to celebrate!
Remember the unexamined life is never worth living!
Knowing thyself the world feels like your own home!
Know thyself, all the world feels like they know you!
Knowing thyself, all the world tends to invite you in!
Knowing thyself, all the world may learn their hearts!
Knowing thyself, your joy spreads to the whole world!
Nothing provides, greater satisfaction or contentment!
Nothing provides superior insight, virtue, and wisdom!
Nothing is more rewarding, than becoming who we are!
To know your own heart, is to know what love is about!
To know your own heart is to discover all true freedom!
Follow the silence of beautiful words, as if a siren voice!
Follow your heart witnessing the world following theirs!
Knowing thyself is how you may become more authentic!
Only knowing thyself would we all become who we desire!
But, guard your good name as you would a precious jewel!
The richest of jewels, you can ever have in your possession!
Any reputation is like a fire, that can be arduous to rebuild!
For us to be all that we can be each heart must first be free!
For us to be all we can be each must free their loving hearts!
Set your heart free, and it will reward the favor many times!
Set your heart free if you want to experience actual freedom!
Never underestimate, what all humanity may still accomplish!
Never make the mistake, of underestimating any contribution!
Not when the smallest amongst us, might yet move mountains!
Not when a miracle to believe in abides forever inside of us all!
Forever the way shapes the world, as the world shapes the way!
For we are simply the children of God, and citizens of the world!
Just begging for love, on ascending the great stairway to Heaven!
Babes lost in the wilderness of space, on their loving mother earth!
Dazed and confused on our difficult journey which has just begun!
Who can frequently lose sight of their marvelous mother and father!
Who may easily forget all the love and joy in our hearts is a blessing!
Who easily forget, that we are the world we are the Children of God!
Constrained to encouraging ourselves, as well as, each other to think!
Constrained to helping each other up, instead of, doing all the lifting!
Authenticity is when any distinctions between our hearts and brains,
No longer really matter because harmony neither acts nor reasons;
Knowing without knowing the only thing we know is but nothing,
Being incapable of ever straying far from the path lost and alone!