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Political Impediments to Social Mobility

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4/19/2011 4:16:35 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
"The process of social acceptance is, it seems, glacially slow as research by economic historians confirms. Professor Greg Clark demonstrated last month that although Britain is socially mobile, it takes 350 years for a rich family to return to average income, or for a poor one to rise to it. Families whose ancestors were wealthy in 1858 are still four times richer than those whose ancestors were poor at the same date."

The all-pervading stench of patronage and privilege that emanates from the British ruling classes is personified by the Tory Prime Minister David Cameron and the Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson, both of whom come from incredibly wealthy families and were both educated at Eton: indeed, they were contemporary members of the ultra-exclusive Bullingdon Club whilst at Oxford University together (Cameron is No. 2, Johnson is No. 8 on this photograph:

The Tories' policies, such as slashing spending on health, education and state pensions whilst relaxing regulations on tax evading corporations and grasping investment bankers have the effect of punishing the poor while pampering the privileged: policies that further inhibit social mobility.

The British people must take to the streets, as they did in the recent anti-cuts demonstration which attracted ½ million protestors, and make sure the Tories understand that we believe that all people should be allowed to realise their full potential, not just those from wealthy backgrounds.
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