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FBI: ELF PETA LIB ORG. bigest terror groups

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4/28/2011 6:58:28 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
As the frightening images of a massive August 2nd arson are seared into the minds of San Diego residents, many are left to wonder just who the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) is and who pays its bills. As law enforcement begins to look for answers, members of the public should know that the shadowy ELF enjoys financial backing from at least one tax-exempt, above-ground group -- the activists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). A recent federal income tax return filed by PETA shows a $1,500 cash payment to the "North American Earth Liberation Front." And Rodney Coronado, a convicted arsonist who previously received $70,400 from PETA, was in San Diego on the day of the University City arson. Coronado spent 57 months in federal prison for firebombing a Michigan State University research lab. When ABC News's John Stossel confronted PETA President Ingrid Newkirk earlier this year about her organization's financial support of Coronado, she said that he is "a fine young man." "Federal law enforcement has already shut down several American nonprofits because of their financial ties with overseas terrorists," said David Martosko, Director of Research at the Center for Consumer Freedom. "Terrorism is terrorism, whether it's international or domestic. PETA is funneling money to terrorists, and they shouldn't be treated any differently." Rodney Coronado was quoted in several news stories about Saturday's $30 million arson, but reporters failed to note that he himself was in San Diego only hours before the fire was set. At 6:30 PM on Friday, Coronado delivered a lecture on "Militant Animal and Earth Liberation" at the San Diego-based "Animal Liberation Weekend" event. Earlier this year, Coronado was videotaped in front of a student audience at American University, demonstrating how to create a crude firebomb for only two dollars. Crimes such as those committed by ELF vandals and legitimized by Rodney Coronado have become so rampant that the FBI has labeled the groups a "serious domestic terror threat," and has been forced to devote precious counter- terrorism resources to their investigation. "Senseless acts like this weekend's arson are taking away law-enforcement resources that should be used to fight the war on international terrorism," Martosko said. "And innocent lives are endangered every time one of these eco- arsonists lights a match. Californians should be appalled that PETA is helping to bankroll them."
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