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GOP Debate Reflections...

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5/5/2011 10:19:58 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Did you see the first GOP debate...

Ron Paul did well, but stuttered a little bit.

Herman Cain did well. He was clear and concise, but a little bit repetitive. And he showed himself very weak on foreign policy. Very weak!

Tim Pawlenty was a classic GOP debater, which is also the classic way to lose. People do not respond to that style any longer. He made a few mistakes but cleaned it up in the end.

Rick Santorum was the biggest ignoramus! What a dummy, going on about family values and freedom; yet he wants to end peoples freedom by pushing family values. He was the worse!

Gary Johnson did well, but came off whinny when he asked for more face time. He also was very concise, but has weird mannerisms.

No one pulled forward, but people did hurt themselves. Rick Santorum looked like a big dummy and was hit hard by the response after the debate. What an idiot! He seems uneducated on facts. He will be out quick. There is already an oxymoronic "Social Conservative" that will take that vote; and his name is Huckabee.

I am partial to Ron Paul, because he is the only one giving answers to monetary policy; and the lone foreign policy expert on the panel.

We will see.