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Shameless and simply ugly NATO doings in Liby

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7/21/2011 7:36:35 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
The alliance military and other secret operations currently held in Libya and Syria must be a great shame for all the Western democracies!! What YOU currently do there cannot be called ‘aid' at all! YOU do not help the Libyans as YOU do not help the Syrians as well. God, in the West you speak so much about democracy about your democratic values and principles... Well, then watch this - - and say: Are those cut heads are parts of your democracy?? Or maybe public violence and group sexual assault in the Libyan streets are the main principles and main values of your damned Western democracies?? Yeah, say it to me – you all ‘democrats' are welcome!! And when did cannibalism become normal for you?? When? You wonder, why do I ask YOU about it?? I'll say... Cause this is especially YOU who now support brutal, run wild and finally gone mad islamists in the same Libya; cause this is YOU who support radical oppositional riots in Syria, laying certain support to the members of international Islamic terrorist organizations!! Shame on you and cheers form Armenia!