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Quid pro quo

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9/20/2011 7:39:24 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Hi all!

I am new to this site and thought I would get my feet wet by starting a thread about an important political issue: campaign finance reform.

I fully understand that politicians need donations to pay for their campaigns in order to get their messages out to the public. And I also understand that ‘we, the people' have every right to financially support the candidates or political party that most resonates with our ideals. But when it comes to businessmen or corporations giving donation to elected public officials, from my humble point-of-view, there is a perceived conflict of interest if these businessmen or corporations are awarded lucrative government contracts.

The Supreme Court has established that corporations are recognized as legal persons and thus are afforded 14th Amendment rights. Moreover, the Supreme Court has ruled that political donations are a form of free speech and thus protected by the 1st Amendment rights. So, it would seem that campaign finance reform—an issue that I am in favor of-- would impinge on the constitutional rights of Americans.

The questions I would like folks to discuss are:
1) Should there be more stringent rules regarding political donors doing business with government officials?
2) Should there be limits to how much individuals or organized groups can donation to a political campaign, political party or political action committee?
3) Does an unmitigated supply of money in the political process make it more fair?