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Racial Progress

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10/4/2011 4:03:08 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Okay, so we're probably all tired about race this and race that, but I think that this is something that should be pointed out. I haven't really heard anything about it on any networks.

Many democrats seem to enjoy calling the Republicans (and Tea Party members in particular) "racists" and while it is likely true that some of them are racists (just like there are some democrat racists) it should be noted that the racism that is "experienced" today is nothing like what it use to be.

A really simple comparison would be Obama to Chisholm.

Chisholm was the first black person to run for president for a major political party (dem or rep). She placed 3rd in the Democrat primaries. During her short run, there were 3 assassination attempts on her, and this for someone that never had a chance of winning. Compared to Obama, after he won the primary in 2008, he was the favorite to win by a solid margin the whole dang election (which he did), yet no attempts on his life were made. And over all that the economy has gone through, still, none have been made (though intel from disks recovered from the Bin Ladin raid show that he was planning on targeting the president).

People may "talk" racism, and may hold "signs" of racism. But when it comes to actual "acts" of racism, it is on its way out. If we see the same progress from the racism of 1970's to the racism of 2010's, then the racism of 2050's will likely be nothing but people having racist dreams (recorded by the government to catch you commiting crimes before you make them, lol).
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