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Should the US change its pol. towards Israel?

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10/17/2011 8:10:41 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
i believe so. im not a big fan of the double standards US applies to israel vis-vis arab states.

like condemning israel for building neighborhoods in jerusalem - neighborhoods that remain in israel under any future peace deal - yet say nothing when turkey is flooding cyprus with illegal settlers.

nor do i like our government forcing israel into premature cease-fires whenever it gets into a war. we have never demanded any of our muslim allies to enter cease-fires with militants (operation scorched earth, recent turkish invasion of north iraq that got no news - 150 killed), etc.

also not a huge fan of financial aid to the UNRWA and palestinians in general. that should be curtailed IMO. maintain military alliance because israel is a goldmine for tech and strategy as well as intelligence on iraq.

though the middle east would have been a lot better had we allowed israel been just defeat the arab states in one big conflict rather then have the UN come in everytime the muslims get owned and go waahhh cease-fire!!!11

delaying the inevitable. if we just allowed israel to do its thing the middle east would be a lot better off. israel had an opportunity to assassinate saddam hussein but the US shut them down. israel bombs iraqs nuclear reactors - we condemn them - then 20 years later say how smart they were.

definitely a country that knows how to deal with bullies. dont see the benefit in giving into the demands of muslim states, they dont care anyones israel is just a lightening rod so they can keep power over their people.