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Satan's plan and the sign of the beast.

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10/28/2011 2:57:56 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Satan's plan and the sign of the beast.

It is all political.
Satan would have man's wealth and the economy within his control.

The sign of the beast would be the coin of the day. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's.
We all use coin of some kind. Even paper coin and plastic coin. All numbered and accounted for. We have all taken on and wear the sign of the beast. We just do not acknowledge it in those terms.

It is impossible for our socio economic demographic pyramid to collapse. It can only redistribute. It will always have a pyramidal shape of some kind. This means that we can collectively decide what that shape should be and stabilize it if we choose to do so. It would profit the whole common and give greater long term benefits and growth.

The stabilizing force is in the hands of the rich and powerful who are presently holding the wealth. The same ones who are just gabbing and not putting their money where their mouths are.

We are told by the media; the spread between the rich and the poor continues to be widen. More and more wealthy individuals are giving up their fortunes to show an example; there is profit in spending. Everyone wins; not just the wealthy.

I have to ask the rest of the wealthy individuals to do the same. You know when you spend; everyone will profit from it. Don't hang unto it. You know you can spread the wealth and stabilize our economy situation. In the end you will also profit from it.

Since we see government controlling the economy, to a great extent, and knowing that spending is good for the demographic common, and because it has been the poorer sectors ---taking it in the chin; should the rich be legislated into doing the right thing by investing their growing wealth ----so that all may profit?

After all, Such laws have been used in the past.