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Left v. Right "Intervention"

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1/13/2012 11:20:47 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
As we probably all know, each side of the political compass has its role models. I was wondering if they got any other exposure that they actually listened to and not swore at. The Left usually has the following inspiring politicians/pundits:

Person Popular Among

Barack Obama - among young voters, and people seeking change
Michael Moore - same as Obama, plus more discouraged voters
Bill Clinton - Some liberals, moderates, etc.

The Right:

Ann Coulter - Hardcore conservatives
Ronald Reagan - blue-collar workers, conservatives, some moderates
Mitt Romney - Moderate Conservatives

This is a tournament, but is not an actual debate. For this tournament, when a person signs up, they are engaged in a "challenge" with the person in their bracket. Then, the two decide what the other should read, or read and watch. For example, the Liberal could say to the Conservative to 1) Read Back to Work by Bill Clinton and 2) Watch Fahrenheit 911 by Michael Moore. To join, the person in your bracket has to be off a different political side (so Libertarians and Anarchists wouldn't count as a bracket).

A person has three-four weeks to read the book and watch the movie, and if needed can be extended. Then, they can take the political test and see if they experienced any "revelation".

To join:

Must be of different ideology than first person in bracket, or you are first in bracket
Have messaging for profile ON
List ideology next to name
Determine what your "opponent" must watch/ read in the next couple weeks
Decide what you and bracket challenger will watch/ read by Wednesday (1/18)
Book must be 250 pages or less

1) Contra Liberal

Plus this is my first tournament I've authored, I'll see if it works in January. I will post updates for brackets when I can, and this should finish the first week of February. The bracket challengers can be liberal in their choices for the books/ movies, I don't know many right-wing authors.
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