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Toward A Libertarian Nationalism

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1/30/2012 11:17:59 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Libertarian-Nationalism may be described as a philosophy that advocates "A nation for a every people," and "All people for their nation."

The impetus for this movement is to encourage the political development of a party, or coalition within the two major parties (the preferable solution) in the U.S. that strictly adheres to a program to attend to the National Interest, with respect to the libertarian origins of the basis for this National Interest to be expressed.

Clarity comes in understanding that the Libertarian-Nationalist is both libertarian and nationalist; we believe in the sovereignty of individuals from which the sovereignty of nations stems, and by which the individual character of nations is formed.

A proper celebration of Individualism according to the libertarian ideal recognizes of persons only; a Libertarian-Nationalist recognizes it according to persons, and their respective nations, in that order, with preference to dealing with the nation as a body coherently expressing the will of the people.

Libertarian-Nationalists are opposed to the chaotic, interference-principle oriented philosophies of Multiculturalism and Internationalism. These may be described variously as national suicide or Balkanization, and these are undesirable as they oppress the will of all but a few who would pretend to manage a disaster too ill-understood to be an intentional scheme. Balkanization is a policy failure from which the World must be rescued, and our nations secured from the ambiguities, lack of representation and waste attendant to World-government schemes in all their incarnations.

No group can be truly free if the individuals of that group are not free, because no individual who has a true, emotional attachment to a group feels free unless the group as a whole is free. Therefore any struggle for the freedom of a group - be it national, religious, labor or otherwise - must at the same time be a struggle against general oppression for the freedom of the individual: from the liberation of the group should immediately stem the emerging of a decentralised society with local and individual self-determination.

Only as a combined model are the policies of Social Individualism and Nationalism effective; hence Libertarian-Nationalism.
"What we really ought to ask the liberal, before we even begin addressing his agenda, is this: In what kind of society would he be a conservative?" - Joseph Sobran