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My first resolution

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3/10/2012 6:01:51 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
This is a resolution for student Congress I briefly wrote yesterday. What do you think of it in terms of ACTUAL functionality? Changes? Suggestions?

A Resolution to Amend the Constitution and Promote Federal Financial Responsibility

1. WHEREAS the United States National Debt is currently at approximately fifteen-point
2. -five (15.5) trillion dollars, and
3. WHEREAS the United States budget is unbalanced, and has not been balanced since
4. the fiscal year Two Thousand and One (2001), and
5. WHEREAS all efforts to resolve the debt and balance the budget have failed due
6. to lack of restriction on Congress and partisan politics within Congress, and
7. WHEREAS it is the responsibility of Congress to keep the United States' spending
8. and National Debt within reason and budget expectations; therefore be it
9. RESOLVED by two-thirds (2/3) majority of Congress here assembled that the
10. United States Constitution shall be amended with the following article:
12. SECTION 1 The United States Congress shall be required to maintain and establish a
13. balanced budget for each federal fiscal year.
14. SECTION 2 The United States Congress shall be required to spend
15. within a maximum of 10% of the United States' Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
16. And be it
17. FURTHER RESOLVED that the above article shall be written into the United
18. States Constitution before the fifth (5th) fiscal year following its approval, and be it
19. EVEN FURTHER RESOLVED that the above article shall take effect for the fiscal
20. year after it is written into the United States Constitution.
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3/10/2012 6:16:54 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
The bill would create what would be equivilant to a partisan hydrogen bomb if it was actually submitted into congress. Not only the battles about whether to approve the bill or not, but the utter trench warfare--complete with chlorine gas--that would erupt when the bill was approved.

Also, I think the government should be weened off it's own teat. I think that incremental forced reductions of the federal debt should be put in place, not just one big lop off of federal deficit. Oh, think of the chaos if our (American) current government had to do THAT...

Otherwise, I support the idea.
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3/10/2012 6:52:17 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
If you cut ALL domestic spending, you would STILL need to eliminate Medicare in order to get a balanced budget.
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3/10/2012 6:58:00 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
oversimplified but then again its just high school. Also you're talking about 10% GDP of the US federal government even though it makes up 35% of GDP. How would this effect spending in other departments, especially mandates.

Also, in terms of balanced budget, what are you to do If a war like WWII or an economic crisis occurs?
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