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Command Leadership Failure

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3/11/2012 1:19:14 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Rueters reports US serviceman Fires on civilians. Some reports claim as many as 16 dead and US officials apologize and blame intoxication and stress. This is a failure of leadership in the first degree.

One of the reasons enlisted personnel are inspected and hounded over uniform and bearing is to prevent more egregious lapses in discipline. The theory is, if a man knows he will go to the brig if his uniform is improper he is less likely to consider a more serious breach like rape or murder. A soldier, Marine or sailor who would even consider killing civilians, even if drunk, has some of the worst the US has to offer in his chain of command and ALL should be given a fair trial and Punished. Inasmuch as this involves murder, a firing squad is in order of at least the senior command official. Any less is cowardice of command by the COJC and the CIC, and should be dealt with pursuant to law.