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Synthetic Incense Blends.

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4/17/2012 8:40:44 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
I'm taking a slight risk in posting this here, and i recognize the the possibility of being chastised and lamb-basted within this community, however... it is a topic that i feel strongly about as I've had friends get addicted to this garbage.

I believe that i may know the reason as to Synthetic incense blends being much more potentially dangerous and addicting than using marijuana. Many people who have tried the synthetic blends have noticed and reported dose dependent panic attacks or otherwise undesirable effects.

I was doing some, let's say, thinking… about the subject. My objective evidence is within all the reports of hospitalizations and cases of addiction regarding the use of these blends. I believe the manufacturers of these blends, are combining not only plant material and synthetic cannibinoids, but also synthetic stimulants. Many unregulated or research stimulants are in freebase form, able to be smoked for a quick strong effect with a high reinforcement, that doesn't provide the euphoric rush of amphetamine or cocaine. The stimulants are probably of an undesirable nature for recreational purposes, and most likely they are the type to act solely on your adrenaline or epinephrine/norepinephrine systems, and doing very little in terms of dopamine or serotonin movement. This allows the substance to be easily masked by any other chemical in the blend because the effects of those are much more apparent. This type of activity in the brain is extremely addictive because when the user is unaware he or she is ingesting these substances, it rather sneaks up on them so-to-speak. Even a very light dose of a stimulant can have a very high reinforcement. This might be the reason that habitual use of the blends tend to produce withdrawal symptoms that are otherwise completely foreign to marijuana, and would well explain the cases of acute overdose.

Synthetic incense blends are essentially a scam, and a very well thought out one The feds are outlawing cannibinoid analogues left and right, but the core component of these blends remains in tact. I do view synthetic blends to be a scam, and some brands have gone nationwide. They're playing on people's desire to get high legally and turning it into cash, all while ensuring the user will buy again - in many cases compulsively.

Gotta love capitalism.
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