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Party Ideologies

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5/13/2012 6:05:01 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Political parties are often named after the party's ideology, however in many cases the ideology is not a political ideology.
A political ideology is one that deals policy.

Some party ideologies don't deal with policy; for example republicans, democrats, monarchists, tyranists, aristocrats, and oligarchists. These ideologies deal with the constitution of the government.

A democrat may be conservative, progressive, fascist or libertarian, as could a republican; such ideologies are expressions of the constitution, not the constitution it'sself.
If the current constitution is a republic, republicans would push to preserve the republic, democrats would push to make it more democratic, and monarchists would push to establish a monarch.

Unionists, federalists, and confederates focus on the orginization of the state, rather than the constitution of the state, or the policy of the state.
Federalists push for the increase in the authority of, or establishement of a union state, while maintaining the sovernty of the free states
Unionists wish to merge to states into a single state
Confederates wish to create a league of free states

Whigs push for legislative dominance, choosing to focus more on the branches of government.
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