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6 constitutions

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6/11/2012 2:35:07 PM
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There are 6 Constitutions

1.) Monarchical
2.) Tyrannical
3.) Aristocratic
4.) Oligarchic
5.) Republican
6.) Democratic

There are 3 main categories

The 3 main categories is determine by the number of sovereigns. A country could have 1 sovereign and 1,000 politicians, but that 1 sovereign holds power over each branch of government, and therefore controls the government.

Sovereignty of one over the 3 branches of government
1.) Monarchical
2.) Tyrannical

Sovereignty of a few over the 3 branches of government
1.) Aristocratic
2.) Oligarchical

Sovereignty of a many over the 3 branches of government
1.) Republican
2.) Democratic

Constitutions can either be loose or strict. A strict constitution can either be a written charter, which clearly defines the rules of government , it could be a series of checks and balances, it could be statutes passed by the legislature, it could be a fixed set of unchangeable traditions, or it could be a mixture of several of these methods. Basically anything constitution where the authority of government is limited, is a limited constitution.

A loose constitution is a constitution where anything goes. Any law may be passed, any decree can be made, appointments are arbitrary and does not require approval, because there is no restriction of government power.

Strict Constitutions
1.) Monarchical
2.) Aristocratic
3.) Republican

Loose Constitutions
1.) Tyrannical
2.) Oligarchical
3.) Democratic

Monarchies, Aristocracies, and Republics are all governments, which are restrained in power and authority.

Tyrannies, which has only 1 sovereign, has a single despot with absolute, and unrestrained power; although they have many people running the government, one person controls it, and can do what ever he pleases.

Oligarchies, which has a few sovereigns (such as the inner party of a single party state), has the power to push forth any policy which they see fit.

A Democracies, which has many sovereigns, is essentially a tyranny over the minority. Unlike Tyrannies, and Oligarchies, Democracies are more appealing because more people have a say in how government is run; minorities are left to the wolves in a democracy, with the majority stripping away the rights of the minority.
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