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Fast and Furious Republican Propaganda

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6/27/2012 4:19:11 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
The ATF chooses a few men to combat armed drug cartels funneling weapons. Republicans decide these would make great targets to ask Holder to release documents which are part of ongoing investigation. They are then SHOCKED to hear that Holder won't release the documents.

The truth is the Arizona prosecutors and gun right advocates are the primary reason weapons in the Fast and Furious were left in the hands of criminals the ATF had evidence on.

Just a few times such people stopped ATF agents from making arrests:

"Prosecutors repeatedly rebuffed Voth's requests. After examining one suspect's garbage, agents learned he was on food stamps yet had plunked down more than $300,000 for 476 firearms in six months. Voth asked if the ATF could arrest him for fraudulently accepting public assistance when he was spending such huge sums. Prosecutor Hurley said no. In another instance, a young jobless suspect paid more than $10,000 for a 50-caliber tripod-mounted sniper rifle. According to Voth, Hurley told the agents they lacked proof that he hadn't bought the gun for himself."

" The agents had sent prosecutors 20 names for immediate indictment, Jaime Avila's among them. His purchase of the three WASR-10s were listed among his criminal acts. On Aug. 17, 2010, ATF agents met in Phoenix with prosecutors, including U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke. According to two people present, the ATF presented detailed evidence, including the fact that their suspects had purchased almost 2,000 guns, and pushed for indictments. A month later, on Sept. 17, an ATF team—this time including ATF director Kenneth Melson—met with prosecutors again and again pushed for action. The sides agreed to aim for indictments by October, according to one person in attendance.
But as weeks and then months passed, prosecutors did not issue indictments. The ATF agents grew increasingly concerned. By December, prosecutors had dropped Avila's name from the indictment list for what they deemed a lack of evidence."

One of Voth's men asked to sell guns and track six guns given to a known drug dealer. Voth REFUSED and Dodson went to Voth's superior to get the project approved separately.

When this failed, Grassley found Dodson's project and linked it to Voths.

The article I link below has documented proof Dodson not only acted apart from Voth, but actively enjoyed going behind his back.

Next, CBS decided to take Voth's letter decrying a schism with regards to a wiretap to paint it as though there was an actual viable debate about whether gun running should be allowed.

Dodson then went on congressional record to say Voth "was giddy" over a slaughter that Avila (see above for the list of people Voth tried to arrest was was stopped from) caused since it was that slaughter that convinced prosecutors to allow the to arrest Avila.

The Truth about Fast and Furious