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Why in the name of all that is rational!?!?!

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7/20/2012 12:23:02 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
Joe Biden 'slams' Romney on auto-industry.

Joe's out there again saying that Obama saved the auto industry and Romney wanted to let it go bankrupt back in 2008.

Uh, Joe... the auto industry [b]did[/b] go bankrupt. The only difference between Romney's op-ed suggestion, and what happened, was $32 billion in bail-out funds that Bush and Obama gave to them before they went bankrupt(and I seriously doubt Romney would have let GM enjoy $40 billion in tax breaks after bankruptcy either).

WHY OH WHY OH WHY doesn't ANYBODY point out the fact that the auto industry went through what Romney was suggesting? Managed, restructuring bankruptcy?

And WHY OH WHY OH WHY is Obama praised for saving the auto industry, even though jobs were lost, wages were cut, and factories were closed, while Romney is a devil for buying failing companies(with money that doesn't belong to taxpayers), and doing the same thing?

WHY won't anyone stand up to the ridiculous double-standard being put out there?
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