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Interesting Info about Paul Ryan

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8/14/2012 10:21:16 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
Im sure you already heard from Fox that Paul Ryan used P90X and like to fish with his bare hands, but I figured Id bring to light some information about him that isnt important but still interesting.

In a poll of just over 1000 adults (registered voters and unregistered voters) Paul Ryan was seen as a "fair" or "poor" VP choice by 42% of voters.

Only 39% rated him as "pretty good" or "excellent"

The opinion of Ryan is about 50-50, which is decent in my book, but apparently its the lowest polled approval ratings of a VP choice since Dan Quayle back in 1988. Im not saying that Ryan and Quayle are alike, just reporting their approval ratings as a VP choice.

But there is something else noteworthy the poll revealed,

From the same group of adults polled about Ryan, 48% of them said that Ryan would be fit to serve as president should something happen to Romney, which is much higher than the 29% who said he wouldnt be fit to be president. Those numbers are better than Palin (for obvious reasons) but apparently that is still lower compared to other past VP picks.

23% were undecided about Ryan's fitness to be president should somethinghappen to Romney.

So if the poll suggests anything, Ryan is not the best pick Romney could have made, but Ryan, according to adults, would be more than fit enough to become president should Romney be elected and then have something happen to him.

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