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Obama Supporters Hate Obama's Policies

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11/4/2012 11:20:50 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Similar to Howard Stern asking Obama supporters questions that revealed their ignorance, conspiracy journalist expert, Luke Rudowski does an even better job by asking them their opinion of "Romneys" policies of being pro-NDAA, pro-drone strike, etc. and then actually revealing to the person that all the bad policies they were against were actually already done by Obama.

Watch their reactions when told that the atrocities they hate were actually done by their Presidential pick, Obama. Must watch.
"Far from being a paranoid or a determinist, the conspiracy analyst is a praxeologist; that is, he believes that people act purposively, that they make conscious choices to employ means in order to arrive at goals."

-- Murray Rothbard, 'The Conspiracy Theory of History Revisited,' Reason, 1977

"Scholarship is essentially confirming your early paranoia through a deeper factual analysis."

-- Murray Rothbard, Polytechnic University lecture