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Susan Rice Withdrawal

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12/14/2012 1:02:58 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
For those who enjoy Washington drama, perhaps you have already read the news about Susan Rice and her withdrawal. I have tried my best to present the information in an impartial way, so I have included both liberal media and conservative media reports/opinions in this thread. Reuters is somewhat close to the ideological center. Any thoughts on Susan Rice withdrawal?


The Washington Post:





The Fox News:


Human Events:

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12/14/2012 6:09:38 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I really like Susan Rice and think she would have been a great Secretary of State, but I think she did the right thing and did it in a dignified manner. She is just another casualty of the Benghazi incident and the blatant attempts to lie about it.

I don't know if she had better information about what really happened when she spoke on the news programs four days later, maybe she was being a good soldier and "selling" the contrived story, but I'm inclined to believe she was representing the best information she had at the time, I suspect she was lied to and "used" by the liars, but that is the problem with such lies, we don't get to know the truth. The careers of a lot of damn good people went down the drain over this Benghazi debacle because the administration weaved a tangled web that we will probably never fully untangle.
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