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Mary Kellett

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7/10/2013 3:05:55 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Some of you may have already heard of this, most of you probably not. Mary Kellett is an assistant DA in Ellsworth, Maine. She doesn't stand out much, unless you consider her rate for convictions in the area of sex crimes, which is 40 times the average.

Now, we'll get back to Kellett shortly. I want to tell you about two other people first. Those people are Vladek and Ligia Filler. Ligia has a history of mental health problems, and child abuse. She is also the mother to Vladek's children. Recently, the couple went through divorce proceedings, which Ligia did not take well. She was picked up by police, walking down the street naked. She was recorded threatening to kill the arresting officers, and her husband. Not long after she was arrested, she made allegations that her husband had raped her.

In comes Mary Kellett.

Now, keep in mind that not only does Ligia have a history of false accusations, but she also refused to submit to a rape kit. Yet, even with the complete lack of evidence, Kellett chose to prosecute Vladek.

You might be surprised to learn that she managed a conviction. You might also be thinking to yourself that she must have had some kind of evidence, that she brought into the trial. You would be wrong. Kellett managed a conviction by swaying the jury using pure retoric. She claimed that the lack of evidence that Vladek did not commit the crime, was reason enough to convict. And yet, the only reason they lacked said evidence is that Kellett successfully petitioned to make it inadmissible.

Eventually Vladek's lawyer managed to get the judge to declare a mistrial, due to Kellett's withholding of various pieces of evidence, even when given a court order to hand it over. In the new trial, Kellett blatantly lied to the Jury, by telling them that there was no custody case, when the defense brought up said case as possible motive for lying. Not only this, but Ligia tried to abduct the children several times during the course of the trial.

In the end, Vladek was charged with one count of minor spousal abuse. Ligia claimed he pushed her, and this was evidenced by a bruise on her arm. Yet, officers who arrested her claimed that the bruise was absent even days after she had made the allegations.

This is not the only case that Mary Kellett has acted this way in. She coerced a woman to testify against her husband by claiming the man had received a manslaughter charge for murdering his first wife, going to far as to say she received this information from the attorney general himself, when it was actually for self defence against a man wielding a knife. This resulted in a mistrial.

Here is some more information on the subject, if anyone is interested:

And here is a petition to have Mary Kellett disbarred for misconduct:
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