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Presidential elections can't be democratic on

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8/16/2013 8:07:10 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
How can we call current presidential elections democratic once "a criminal organization" of Saakashvili's, United National Movement, participates in it? Hidden things are coming to the surface in this country. Everybody is just fed with Saakashvili's lies, both his foreign sponsors and ordinary Georgians!
Now the new government and prime-minister are openly calling things their true names. Saakashvili "doesn't act according to the laws of Georgia" and he "is very gifted in fooling whole world", and that was not democracy he had been actually building in Georgia, but "an autocracy with institutions of mass suppression and sadism". This has been proved by the caches of concrete stuff, drugs, weapons, videos of torture and data on political opponents whom the then-ruling UNM planned to arrest on falsified charges. The stuff was discovered in Samegrelo province.
So it's plain clear that the United National Movement had never conducted any honest political struggle creating only a faked image of democratic construction in Georgia! This is really a criminal organization which must be banned with its leaders imprisoned! Instead, we see now this party participating in the current presidential election as if they were just saints, nominating their presidential candidates and other things!
Now I suggest you should imagine that Saakashvili's chosen successor and formally the UNM nominee, David Bakradze, wins. That would be a nasty perspective for Georgia, I am sure.