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Socialist Liberalism and Libertarianism

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10/21/2013 2:38:36 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I was wondering if there is a way they could work together. They agree on many issues, and are similar where they disagree. They just both have different approaches on dealing with the issues.

On social issues, they both agree that the Government has no business restricting personal freedoms on Religious, Cultural, or traditional grounds. However they go about it in different way.
In Libertarianism, the Government just stays out of peoples personal business, and will only act if another is imposing force on the individual or their property, and imposing social ideals is not a free pass to use force.
In Liberalism, the Government is a source of social engineering meant to enforce values of tolerance of those who they disagree with, and forcing people to play nicely. Any act of aggression against a protected group is labeled a hate crime and given more seriousness.
I would favor the Libertarian approach. as trying to force people to play nice, and using Government to force people to be tolerant is just the flipside of a socially conservative police state.

Both sides disagree with the Neoconservative agenda of global militarization and aggression on citizens in the name of homeland security.

Now the Economic system is a tricky matter. Since the matter of money, ownership and productivity can be a bit difficult in determining how to politically go about it. Both sides oppose Giant corporations having so much power, and how our rights as consumers is being trampled on, most Americans being reduced to wage slavery.
The Libertarians think that the problem is regulation, and that Lobbyists have gotten too many policies passed that only help out the big corporations, while crushing small businesses. They see the current system as run on corporate interests and that under a capitalistic system, and an unregulated market, people would have more economic freedom.
The Liberals see the problem as being with unregulated markets giving Corporations too much power to expand, and do unethical actions motivated on profit. They are more worried about lobbyists bribing for deregulation. They think that private ownership of business is the problem.