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The Creditor and the Plastic Duck Junkie

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10/21/2013 9:11:37 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
This is a story I heard that got me thinking. I wanted to hear other peoples opinions on it. The plastic duck junkie represents america in this story.

"Let's say that I make plastic ducks and that I sell them to a broke deadbeat with an addiction to...well... plastic ducks.

The ducks cost me a dollar to make and I sell them to the junkie for $2. My profit is $1.

He, being a broke debt ridden, plastic duck junkie, is constantly begging for a loan, so I regularly lend him 50c from the profit I make. I say, loan, but its a teaser really - to keep him ordering ducks.

The other 50c of profit I invest wisely in sound resource companies, commodities, and tangible assets. The hard stuff - stuff that'll hold its value and probably increase in future.

Friends call me a fool for lending this broke plastic duck junkie money. "It'll be flushed down the drain" they advise me.

"Oh, no doubt about that", I reply, but every plastic duck I sell to that plastic duck junkie gets me another 50c genuine profit (which I put into those good investments), and another 50c of profit that I can lend back to the junkie to keep him happy without caring about it too much.

And what does he do with those 50c loans?.... hahaha... he mainly buys more frickin' plastic ducks. Its hilarious. More ducks.

Those 50c loans to the plastic duck junkie are already written off as far as I'm concerned, anything I get back is a bonus. Ok, so its added up to $1trillion or so so far, and yes that is a lot of money, but how much do you think I've accumulated in genuine profit from the other 50c? And that's invested in solid commodities, resource companies and other solid investments and infrastructure financed by that junkies addiction to plastic ducks.

And ask yourself this. Do you really think that I'm not ahead of the game in dealing with a plastic duck junkie? Do you really think that i don't have a long term plan?

And, do you really think that I'd keep lending money I really cared about to a broke plastic duck junkie who's only method of repayment is to steal from his kids?

If you do, then you, my friend, grossly underestimate me."