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Toddler is a racist in Austria

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12/3/2013 7:40:05 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Rejoice, Rabbi Baruch Efrati. Rejoice, partlet Jane Lane. Rejoice, all greedy Yids blaming Europeans of Holocaust while your ancestors helped to construct first gas chambers. Now you can accuse of racism even toddlers in Europe.
The point was that my son, four, was friends with Pepi, five. As it occurred later Pepi is an Ashkenazi Jewish. Once their kindergarten teacher overheard their conversation. Pepi invited my son to visit him 'on Shabbat' saying that his Mom would cook Gefilte fish.
'What's that', my kid asked. 'That's Jewish food. Some fish inners and veggies milled in fish-skin', answered Pepi, who of course doesn't aware exactly what's that himself.
What would your reaction at such explanation? My kid doesn't like vegetables. And fish inners sound hokey. So he says 'Yuk! I think I don't like Jewish food.' After that their teacher goes to headmistress and announces that my boy is a racist! They already summoned me to the kindergarten. Some Jewish chauvinists from social service called the police. Together they forced me under the threat of taking my child away to sign the form that called my 4-year old son a racist and anti-Semitic and bind me to teach him about 'racial justice'. After a half a year they will interview him so that they could control if I really trained him well.
People, what is with you?? Before that nightmare I didn't feel any hatred towards Jews. I even hardly distinguished a Jew from any other peeps. Now I know that Pepi is a pet name for Josef and that Jews isn't just a nation but also is a religion. And they hate all non-Jewish no less than Moslems hate all infidels. But Jews are far worse. They've got big money and influence in Europe. And they won't stop till they make all Europeans living in Hell.